What is Right2Choose?

The Right2Choose means you cannot be obliged as a condition of warranty to have your car serviced by a franchised dealer. Under European Union competition law servicing, etc. can be carried out by an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer’s service schedule.
This Right2Choose is a result of changes in 2002 to the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (BER) after successful lobbying by the independent ‘Right to Repair Campaign’. These regulatory changes significantly included the requirement for manufacturers to made available technical data and repair instructions to the independent motor trade and motoring organisations like the AA.

Advice on Parts Fitted and Manufacturers Warranties

We stock over 100,000 different part numbers from multiple manufacturers, many of these manufacturers are known as Original Equivalent Manufacturers (OEMs). The OEMs may either supply the manufacturer directly themselves or they may supply ourselves with a part which is equivalent to the original part supplied when the vehicle was manufactured. There can be confusion in the market that car manufacturers manufacture car parts, this is not the case, car parts are manufactured by OEMs who also supply ourselves.

Will this affect my warranty?

Absolutely not, under the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (BER) it is within your right to use original equivalent manufactured parts and your vehicles warranty is unaffected. Car owners are not obliged to take their car to a franchised dealer for service or repair. The work can be carried out by an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer’s service schedule. The Right to Repair campaign ensured block exemption regulations were kept up-to-date. For more information on BER please visit the following link & get the big picture on regulations in the automotive aftermarket from FIGIEFA.

Who Represents the Automotive Aftermarket when discussing EU legislation in relation to the automotive aftermarket in Brussels?

That is FIGIEFA, their role is to monitor and accompany the development of European legislation and International legislation which affects the automotive aftermarket and to represent the interests of its members towards European and international institutions.

They inform European decision-makers about the substantial contribution of the independent automotive aftermarket to achieving the EU’s goals for a competitive European economy, the environment and road safety. The market for vehicle replacement parts, servicing and repair fosters job creation, supports a healthy environment and promotes free consumer choice in auto care.

FIGIEFA’s aim is to maintain free competition in the automotive aftermarket when it comes to selling aftermarket automotive parts. Their end objective is to ‘Maintain Competition’.Click on this link to open FIGIEFA’s brochure.

How can I be certain my prize possession is being serviced in the right hands?

The Right2Choose website gives you all the information you require in making a decision on where you would like to get your car serviced without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty. The garage must use trained mechanics and use original equivalent quality parts. Yes, they’re the parts that we supply at PartsforCars. We promote choice, because as a sector we are confident in our ability, proven to consumers consistently on a daily basis.

Who represents our industry in Ireland?

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) represents the views of the Irish Motor industry. They work closely with Government to improve industry standards and they help shape future legislation to improve the Irish Motor Industry, they are essentially the voice of the Irish Motor Industry.

What is the Road Safety Authority (RSA) role for motorists in Ireland?

The RSA has taken up much of the work that was previously the remit of the Department of Transport. Their main mission is to make our roads & vehicles both safer & kinder to the environment. Ultimately their objective is to reduce deaths & injuries on Irish roads. You can read more about the RSA through this link.

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