PFC Guru Can Help You Pass the NCT / CVRT

How can the PartsforCars Guru help you pass the National Car Test (NCT) or the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT)?

  • National Car Test (NCT)

    National Car Test (NCT)

  • Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT)

    Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT)

Here’s PFC Guru’s 14 point pre test check.

Our Guru reminds you that driving your vehicle without a valid NCT cert means a fixed charge penalty and 3 points on your licence, don’t get caught!
The test is mandatory for cars over 3 years old, cars between 4 & 10 years old must be tested every 2 years & cars over 10 years old must be tested annually.

  1. Check all of your bulbs, if you have a bulb which is not functioning then your vehicle will fail. Please call into us and we can try & assist you replace the relevant bulb.

    We have a full range of bulbs in stock in brands such as Osram, Ring, Klaxcar, Lampa show bulbs & much, much more. We are friendly factor at PartsforCars & will we assist you as best we can with simple tasks such as bulb replacement.

  2. PFC Guru recommends that Ideally 1 week in advance of your NCT or CVRT test you should clean your fuel system, injectors, DPF, etc. If you have left this too late then you should use a stronger mix of the relevant additive. But, ideally you give your vehicle 1 week for an additive to flush through fuel system.

    We have a multitude of additives specifically for this job. The most popular products we offer are CleanDrive, Dipetane & Eco Millers Oils EcoMax petrol & diesel additives.

  3. Clean the car & de-clutter the interior & boot, if you leave child seats in place the tester is obliged to check & make sure they are fitted properly. No harm in a tester carrying out this exercise as it can save precious lives.
  4. Guru recommends that you top-up all vehicles fluid. E.g.: Engine Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Washer Bottle, Power Steering Fluid.

    PartsforCars stock all of this fluids & we can help assist you in choosing the correct fluid for your vehicle. This is very important to avoid damaging your vehicle or affecting performance.

  5. Check all 3 wipers on your vehicle to make sure they are not overly worn.

    We supply replacements wipers in Bosch, Bluecol & Trico

  6. PFC Guru says don’t ignore warning sign such as knocking or clonking, the most common faults here are worn CV Joints, suspension parts or shocks/springs.

    We stock a wide range of all of these products for all cars in brands such as Febi, Quinton Hazell, HRA, Blueprint, Borg & Beck, KYB, Kilen, GSP, LPB etc.

  7. If there are warning lights on your dash consult your vehicles hand book to see what the lights refer to, if it’s a major fault then consult your local garage straight away.
  8. Ensure tyre pressures are as per your vehicles handbook & thread depth must be a minimum of 1.6mm. Tyre thread depth can only be measured once a vehicles tyres are properly inflated.

    We stock a wide range of thread depth & tyre pressure gauges from Draper, Sumex & Ring.

  9. PFC Guru says make sure your mirrors or windscreen are not chipped or cracked.

    We have a full range of replacement mirror glasses & mirrors in stock.

  10. Make sure your horn is working, if it’s not it may be as simple as a fuse, the vehicle handbook will tell you the relevant fuse or failing that horns are prone to failure.

    We have a full range of automotive fuses & horns in stock in brands such as Maypole, Pearl & Ring.

  11. Your vehicles wheel nuts must be visible so if your car has wheel trims then they must be removed. Why not treat your car to a new set of wheel trims if it passes the test.

    We have lots of different styles in stock, we stock 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16” & 17 trims plus special deep dish trims specifically for some commercial vehicles that have deeply dished wheels.

  12. Please make sure your vehicle adheres to Irish Legislation for vehicle licence plates. Details for vehicle registration plates can be found by clicking on this link.
  13. Finally, make sure you have the relevant paperwork such as the vehicles registration certificate, your driving licence & your booking confirmation. Oh yes, make sure you have €55 for a full test & €28 for a re-test.
  14. Remember Thousands of cars fail their NCT due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, too little tyre tread, or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. It’s possible to anticipate most of these issues with a quick check of your vehicle. It can take only a few minutes.

PFC Guru says: GOOD LUCK & be prepared!

PFC Guru Quick Fire Product Checklist

1. CleanDrive Fuel Additive
2. Bulbs
3. Interior & Exterior Cleaners
4. Engine Oil
5. Washer Fluid
6. Brake Fluid
7. Power Steering Fluid
8. Ad-Blue for modern diesel vehicles
9. Coolant/Antifreeze
10. Wipers
11. Tyre Pressure Gauge
12. Tyre Thread-Depth Gauge
13. The Right Vehicle Registration Plates
14. New Wheel Trims for when your car passes

National Car Testing Service website

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